Saturday, May 9

Any one want some free diapers..??? these are promised to someone now sorry

***these are now promised to someone thanks anyways for looking and sorry you missed them!

hey guys since i am making my own diapers now i am not really feeling the need to hoard all these diapers i have!! ( i have tons) so i am gonna get rid of the ones that need work i have 11 fuzzi bunz that all need new elastic i also have 3 or 4 others that have leaking problems you can have all of these for the cost of shipping (about 6 bucks) or if you want i will fix the elastic for 3 bucks a diaper just make me an offer it may take me a few weeks thou cause i do have 5 kids and my time is usually short! the 11 diapers with elastic issues have no leaking issues that i can remember but they have been thru 4 kids and have stains please see the pictures i also wanted to add that there are no inserts with these you can buy them from any cloth diapering website or if you wanna be super cheap you can just use rags but they will not absorb near are good as ones that are made for diapers!

they are size medium mostly but there are a few petites

see lots of staining!


Anonymous said...

yarg! if only we werent switching to training undies!

itsahumanzoo said...

I will take them!!!