Thursday, April 30

looky looky what i made ;)

so i got in this motivated mood today and put a chicken in the crockpot and am gonna make some homemade mac'n'cheese and homemade mashed potatoes tonight and maybe even some yeast rolls but I'm not sure I'll have enough time for them lol anyways i was on the computer this morning..big surprise lol and i was looking at pillowcase dress patterns for like the hundredth time lol and i said i am gonna make this freaking dress i have been batting my eyes at them and wanting to make one for over a year now and today i am proud to say i did it and it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy with how cute it turned out and it was sooooooooo easy it was less then an hour from start to finish!! so tell me how awesome you think i am lol!


itsahumanzoo said...

That is so cute! Great job!

Katena said...

Hey it looks great and it from a pillowcase. Its looks awesome. I have signed Dalton up for Connections academy. I'll let u know how it goes.

Michelle said...

YOU need to make one for Millicent!!!!