Thursday, May 14

one huge reason i love foodlion

so a few weeks ago i lost my wallet and if you know me you know i lose my wallet all the time and it just always turns up in the car or under my bed etc etc etc and i kept checking the accounts and noting was stolen form them so i just knew it was in the house but we have been taking turns being sick and i really have not had time to look for it! so yesterday i had to go to foodlion and get a few things and i went to my favorite cashier shes just really nice and cool and has a sling like mine and she always makes Caleb laugh so she sees me and says where have you been ( i usually go to foodlion twice a week but like i said we have been sick) and i was like ummm we have been sick it was weird lol so she says I've got your wallet i found it on the ground in the parking lot i was like OMG thank you so much (this foodlion is not in the nicest of places so wow thank you lord for her finding it) so yeah foodlion rocks!!

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