Tuesday, April 7

Seriously......Whats wrong with people???!!!

Ok so Saturday me and chad took the kids to the base egg hunt cause the kids wanted to go and hey why not its just down the road and its free so we get there and we are both already starting to get a little itchy from all the people everywhere ( we are a bit anti0social lol ) so anyways we find a place to stand and a guy from chads ship and his wife and daughters came come over to talk to us and actually they were pretty cool the wife was from Australia and the guy from chads boat was stationed there when he met her now that would be some cool orders!!! but anyways it was time for us to find a place with all the other hearded cows by the gate to go in the hunt cause kk's age group was about to go in and she did great and got tons of eggs I'm surprised actually cause she went in totally confused but finally got it ;) so onto the reason for my tacky title there were 2 family's standing on both sides of us (friends to go figure) anyways the one lady i swear i almost went off on was telling her probably 9 year old daughter how she needed to take better care of herself cause her hair face and knees looked horrible (she fell) so i turned and glared at the mother with a very unfriendly look and then looked at her very pretty daughter and smiled it was sad really i mean mom looked like CRAP she was not pretty and did not look nice and had no right telling anyone they needed to take care of themselves (ok sorry she was mean and mean people are ugly lol) and then when it was almost time for her daughters hunt she told her remember none of these people are your friends they are your enemies you take everything you can and then the other family on the other side of me said yeah you have to get the prize egg!!! so i said rather loudly who cares its a egg hunt who cares i said that like twice to get my point across and i think i embarrassed chad cause he said something like uhh christy some people are just stupid there is noting you can do about it lol so i told Cheyenne this is just an egg hunt and if anyone of rude or pushes you come back cause some people really have no manners and then they put there kids in front of the line which they egg hunt people said not to do so when Cheyenne tried i told her no we are not gonna cheat lol so Cheyenne got quite a few eggs and she actually got the prize egg but dropped it and that nasty Lady's kid got it grrr but really WHO CARES!!! i mean what was the prize a cheap little dollar store toy ohhh wow! so i forgot to talk about kyle and Cody's hunt kyle and Cody did great but then poor Cody dropped all but 4 eggs and was pretty sad but kyle being the awesome big brother he is gave Cody like 8 or 9 eggs i was so proud of him and then we went and looked at the fire truck we went to the back side of it and checked it out and took pictures cause there was no freaking way i was gonna wait in that huge line!! and since chad is just awesome and stuff he took us to chilies and it was so good it made the whole bad experience just go away lol


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey Chica, I wish we would have found you. Cause yes there were very rude people there and kept pushing their way up front and I just told my girls to stay where they were. Then poor Alexa didn't know what to do on her turn, so I had to pick up a few and she actually only got to pick up one. But I heard one lady yell, get them all, or something like that. I was like dang its just a fun egg hunt, not some race. Aww I am so sorry you all had a awful time when it should have been fun for the family. I think its funny and that you have the guts to say something when people are so rude. YOU GO MOMMA! I probably would have too and like your hubby, I have embarrassed Jeremy before too. lol Well woman some people will just never learn. Hey also, I have a bag of clothes that don't fit or I found in my drawers when I was cleaning out our bedroom. I will have Christa run them out to you after school. If you all want to get together sometime, let me know. Call me. Do you know when the no dough dinner is or was? Maybe I missed it? 9 days and I can't wait. I told Jeremy that Chad was leaving again and he goes "Aww man, that sucks!" lol

Amy said...

People are nuts. I remember (when I was a Marine) it seeded like sometimes military parents were too competitive with their kids. Like there was all this pressure on the kids to be the best at everything. It's sad that the kids couldn't just go out there and have fun without having to worry about impressing their parents. You guys definitely had the right idea.

Amy the SaltyMomma

Michelle said...

so silly.

and whats up with moms?