Wednesday, April 29

been chilling...

i really do need to start blogging more i am not sure what my problem has been this month i think i have been depressed or something cause chad has been gone so much hes pretty much gone all week he is home on the weekends thou so thats cool but it just goes by so fast and this weekend he has duty on Sunday so thats really gonna stink! but oh well thats the navy huh...

i have been walking again i got a new stroller a few weeks ago and i LOVE it i do kinda regret not getting the double cause kk is soooooooooooooo slow i am not power walking i have to go snail speed which drives me insane but i really don't like double strollers they are hard to push and not really that cute this one on the other hand is AWESOME i will have to take a picture soon and post it on here Caleb looks totally styling in it lol!

we went to the beach over the weekend and flew kites and played in the water it was so hot out that even the water was warm last time we went the water was still ice cold so that was nice that the water is warming up the kids had a great time and to make the time there even better a lady came up to me and asked if i wanted some chips,cookies, and drinks cause she really did not want to carry them all the way back up to her car and all the stuff was unopened so i of course wanted them and boy were the kids and chad (lol) happy about all the junk food so thank you nice beach lady hehe ;)

i am not sure i posted about getting a new car or not but we did and its really nice its a ford expedition and it seats 8 and drives great unlike the piece of crap astro van that seated 7 we had before (yuck) so its nice driving something nice again i had missed my ford excursion, to be honest i like this better its got a sun roof hahaha but whats weird is its way smaller then the excursion but gets worse gas mileage it really sucks on gas i get 10 miles per gallon!!!!!!!!!! so sucky but at least i do not ever have to drive far! but again its safe and reliable and fits us all with room to grow hehe and that what we needed well i need to go the kids are complaining about being hungry so later guys!

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