Wednesday, April 8

American Idol....

  • Danny sucked last night in my opinion i HATED his version of stand by me!! but i still really like Danny but i hope he picks a better song next week!

  • Kris did great as usual i really like kris i would say he is my favorite and i hope he wins!

  • Lil sucked again i am never impressed with her songs they all sound the same to me and i would not be upset if she left tomorrow!

  • Anoop was ok i am sure he will be on the show awhile still but i really doubt he will win

  • Scott for the love of god PLEASE send him home he is horrible i have only liked one song he has sang the entire time he has been on the show and when i say liked i really mean it was OK and i did not feel like blowing my head off when it was over! i mean its awesome hes blind and all and doing something but he sucks!!! sorry its just my opinion!

  • Allison well i love her but shes a little strange but i still really like her but the song choice was a little tacky for a 16 year old last night lol!

  • Matt well i really liked his song last night and but normally i can't stand him or his huge moley forehead lol

  • Adam well i do love Adam each and every week but i really doubt he will win maybe 2ND place??

so who did you like last night???

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Kat said...

I was dissapointed as well. I love Danny and I really thought the arrangment of Stand by me was HORRID. The rest dissapointed me as well.