Monday, April 27

homeschooling help....

WOW its been awhile since my last post MY BAD lol! anyways i have some questions so if you have the answers please send me a comment or email me at

so i have been thinking about homeschooling yet again i say yet again cause i have been thinking about doing it for 4 years now!! but i never do it mostly cause i am lazy and kinda enjoy the peace in the middle of the day when the kids are gone (horrible i know lol) but at the same time i totally miss them and feel like they should be here and i should be teaching them and that i hate the influences at the school from other kids and teachers ya no what i mean!! now Cheyenne REALLY struggles so i do think i should homeschool her cause she needs so much extra help but kyle is so smart its almost ridiculous how smart he is i think i would even go as far as to call him gifted! so i wonder if homeschooling is right for him i mean what if i fail at this and Cheyenne gets worse and kyle falls behind i would feel horrible!

OK anyways the real question i have is what are yalls feelings on sonlight its really expensive but i think something like this would be what i need cause it has everything mapped out and it just looks user friendly ya no so please if you have used this let me know the good and the bad please!

my goal is to save ALL money right now and i mean all i am gonna cut back on soda and no eating out cause i want to be able to afford to buy 3 curriculum's by summer (wow how can i do that pray for me its gonna be hard) i say summer cause i want start in the summer to make sure homeschooling is for me cause if i can't hack it then no harm done i can just enroll them for school when it starts again ya no?? well any advice would be cool thanks guys!


Michelle said...


YOu know I have input...right?

Well to start...homeschooling is good for both those types of kids...way better than public school, in my opinion. In my experience the public schools have been better for middle of the road students. Students who struggle (like kati) get farther and farther behind, while the gifted students get bored and stop learning as well (like kori).

Sonlight is a great cirriculum...though I've never used it, I've looked at it a lot.

But there are so many different ways to homeschool. I take you as a more relaxed homeschooler. you might enjoy something like unit studies a little better. And since you have various ages, it might work better too. AND CHEAPER.

We set up a homeschool budget and deposit into it every builds and I use it for anythign school related, including field trips and supplies.

I need down time too...and that is appealing about school. But I have my quiet time in the morning...and the olders help with the youngers. Then EVERYONE has a rest time. You dont have to sleep but you DO have to stay in your room, alone (most of the time) and be quiet. If you have school work you work, or you can read, and if you are older you can play. But no one leaves their rooms till mom tells them.

Katena said...

There are so many diffrent ways to homeschool. I agree with Michelle you are a relaxed home schooling mom. Teach your children the basics and they will be fine. My friend told me about time to learn it 19 dollars for the first child than 14 after that. There are so many free ways to teach also. I am thinking about doing connections academy for Dalton. You will have to get into a rountine and once that happens you will get it good luck always katena

Brooke said...

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