Wednesday, February 25

yeah yeah

yeah yeah its been almost a week since my last post but i have been busy and by busy i mean lazy lol! but no really i have been slightly busy Caleb and Kaylee have head colds and they both have pink eye yuck so i have been dealing with that! and then there is my obsessed obsession with quiz's and surveys on facebook while the kiddos are napping lol! so anyways last week chad made a picnic table and a little toddler bed for Kaylee that is super cute i will try to get a picture tomorrow on here so you can see how cool the 2 of them are! i think tomorrow i am also gonna work on getting some stuff done around the house and maybe try to sew some more but i really need to get back to doing my to do lists! well i better go and get to bed cause i was up all night last night with Caleb and i really should be sleeping when hes sleeping later guys!


Michelle said...

Add me to your facebook!

Christy said...

well i looked up your email address and all i saw was ashleas so add me you can find me under my email address

Colored With Memories said...

i don't think you could ever call yourself lazy...taking care of those 5 precious kiddos doesn't allow for that!

so your hubby made a bed and a table in the same week...uh...i'm impressed!