Friday, February 20

Happy Birthday Kaylee Bug ;)

OK her birthday was 2/17 but i did not get a chance to write this post then so today will due she was due on 2/21 (my moms birthday) anyways so in a way i am sorta early lol!
we had our normal family party and it was a blast Kaylee is just the silliest little girl ever i got her a special birthday outfit and she loved it, i still can't believe she is 3 years old it seems like i just had her and she really is still so much a baby shes always cuddling with me and chad and just being a little sweet heart ;) well anyways here's some pictures of her party ;)

this is Kaylee's smile lol i said kk give me a pretty smile for your birthday picture and this is what i get hahaha

now here's a real one!! if there is sweets involved shes gonna give a real smile lol

her cute little cake i bought one this year cause i was to lazy to make it!!

she was so excited ;)

opening her gifts ;)

this was her favorite thing she LOVES playing with her animal animals that what she calls it you can always hear her say you wanna play animal animal lol ;)

she really liked this also!

hummm i wonder whats in here ????

yeah a Dr. Seuss book ;)
and a Dr. Seuss stuffed animal to!

shes so cute!

oh how i love this little girl!

Cheyenne kk and kyle posing ;)
she really liked this pony and whats so cool about it is when we were comming home from shopping for her (we as in me Cheyenne and Caleb) this was on the side of the road in the trash and it was in perfect shape and not even dirty so that was awesome!

she looks so cute!

and here she is on her new bike i am so happy i got it cause she pedal herself every other bike her little short legs are to small to reach the pedals so this little radio flyer one is super cool and cute for her!

oh yeah shes a big girl now she felt so big riding it!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I cant' believe they are three.

That horse! That's crazy you found that.

I love her new outfit.

Millicent is the same way....she is always cracking us up.

Christy said...

i know i can't believe her and mill are 3 its so crazy how fast they are growing!! and yeah you would go in shock if you lived on this base they throw great stuff away all the time i need to make another post about all the goodies i have gotten lately its crazy!