Thursday, February 12

25 random things about me!

i got this off myspace and thought i would post it on here...

25 Random Things You May Or May Not Know About Me! Repost this and put 25 random things people may or may not know about you and see which of your friends re post this!

  • 1. I am the oldest child and therefore the greatest child just ask my mom hehe

  • 2.My middle name is cheva yeah my parents are freaks lol my brother and sister have strange middle names to!!

  • 3.My wedding anniversary is June 15 wow it will be 9 years this year!!!

  • 4.i can't wait to get pregnant again and have another baby even thou Caleb is just almost 4 Mt's old lol

  • 5.i love to go out to eat and to the movie theater its what me and chad do when we go out together ;)

  • 6. i am way to obsessed with the twilight books i gave them all away after i read them and now regret it and am gonna buy them again lol

  • 7. I forgive easily, but forget rarely.

  • 8.cry over happy things! (I tear up very easily-lol Having children has done that to me!)

  • 9.I was totally punk rock in high school i even had a Mohawk yeah i was way cooler then you lol!

  • 10. i miss bugar more then anyone will ever know sometimes i even cry about it when i am feeling down he was like my first born child (my little min pin that got murdered by coyotes in oklahoma3 1/2 years ago)

  • 11. me and chad plan to move to north Dakota when he gets out oh the navy in 8 years yes i know its cold there and yes i am used to 50% winters in Florida but i cant wait to go there!

  • 12.i can't stand to talk on the phone unless its my mom chances are if you call and i miss your call i will not call back so if you need something keep calling or text me lol

  • 13.i wish it was not so expensive to adopt cause if it was free or affordable i would already have a few extra kids ;)

  • 14.i was in the navy and met chad in a class on the ship it was a prevent 2000 class ( prevent drug and alcohol everyone had to take it ) and he kept comming in drunk and i thought it was so funny that i had to talk to him and from that moment on he was crashing at my apartment with like 10 other people lol ( i so feel sorry for our neighbors cause i am sure 10 people made alot of noise in a 1 bedroom apartment lol)

  • 15.i think if you get an abortion you are a murderer cause its just a horrible thing to do when you could give your baby up for adoption or better yet keep your beautiful creation!!

  • 16.i think a mothers place is at home with her kids and not off working for a day care to raise her kids!

  • 17.i used to think all cows were black and white before i met chad

  • 18.i never touched a horse before i met chad and i personally still don't like them and think they are ugly and stink lol

  • 19.i love blogging its such an outlet

  • 20.i love to play pig or horse in basketball even thou i suck Cheyenne actually said the other day i love being behind mom lol

  • 21. poor Caleb is already getting teeth in!!

  • 22.i drink more cranberry juice in one day then one person should dink in a week (about a bottle a day of ocean spray hey at least i will never get a uti lol)

  • 23.I love to play board games! but i am a sore sore loser so no one likes to play with me lol

  • 24.i have 8 tubes of toothpaste in my closet that were all free i got them during my obsessed cvs days lol (i am thinking about starting to do cvs again)

  • 25.i can't wait till its warm enough to go to the beach again me and the kids are super excited and to top it off chad will be here this summer this will be the first one in 3 years!!!

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