Thursday, February 26

photo tag

The rules for this one are rather simple - you go to your pictures folder and go to the sixth one and then you find the sixth picture and post it.

this is my super cute Kaylee bug the first summer we were in Florida she was about 17 Mt's in this picture the kids were playing in the kiddie pool and she got out to play in the black dirt you should see some of the later pictures where she is covered in mud lol!!


Michelle said...

LOOK how CUTE she is!!!

How do I become your affiliate on Kellys closet?

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

cute pic of KK! Hey I got a question, how do I move some of the things I have on the left side of my blog to my right. I can't figure it out. lol Its probably really simple, but I think it would look better and I wouldn't have to scroll all the way down so I am dork I know. =)

Christy said...

yeah she is a cutie ;) and Michelle i just put an affiliate link up all you have to do is click on the link when you wanna order from her and next time i order i will use your link ;)

Jeni it took me like 3 hrs to figure out how to do the 3 column its basically messing with a lot of html crap since you are good at making tags and stuff you could probably figure it would faster then me just go to the cutest blog link and theres a link that tells you how to do it!