Friday, February 13

I'm so depressed!!!!

so this morning me and chad and kk,cody and Caleb go to Cheyenne's awards ceremony at 930am and she got 2 awards so go Cheyenne ;) and then it came time for kyles it was at 1230 or so i thought it was and i am stressing cause chad could not get off work for it and cody has to be at school at 1230 but i took him about 5 minutes early and his teacher said she would just let him hang out with her till class started so that was so awesome of her!! but sadly i get the the school park and sign in and get to the multi-purpose room and its all kindergarteners and i ask a teacher and she said the 1st graders just left theres was at 1200 so i missed kyles and i am so sad cause i missed his last one and i know he probably got every award and had no one to clap and smile at him and he will be so sweet and understanding when i pick him up and that just makes me sadder ;( maybe i will take him to sonics after school for a ice cream ;)


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Aww I didn't get to go today either. Alexa has been crabby and no feeling good and I really hope its not what Christa had. But I have been to all the other ones. I know she'll prolly say "Why weren't you there today mom?" But anyway, your like me tho. I feel guilt for doing something for one and not the other.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I'm so sorry that that happened. It's great that you have an understanding child though. My oldest son is very understanding, but my second oldest would have been so upset. I agree. He deserves a little special treat. ;) Tell us how it went.

Take care.