Saturday, February 14

because i love him!

well since i am all alone today/tonight and i am feeling a little sappy since chad has duty today i figured i would post some pictures of us from last year and our matching tattoos ;)

yep we are branded for life to each other ;)

silly cody trying to get in the picture to ;) why oh why do i never have a sheet on my bed!!!

a pretty good one of me and chad

i like this one to ;)

probably around the time i got knocked up with Caleb hahahahaha

yeah we are cheesy lol

i do love him! ;)


Stephanie said...

Awww you guys are so cute. :-)

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

I think its cool that you guys got tattoos of your names. I would love to get just one tattoo of my kids names with a graphic sometime in my life. Maybe someday. About the Wii Fit well you will love it, but for me I really have to watch my I eat. I love food and soda. Its my weakness, so I might just gain it back, I gotta work hard and not give in to my
I LOVE KOHLS! I shop there for me alot of the times, but they also go great deals for kids too. I just ordered online last night from Kohls, 3 Hannah Montana shirts for my step daughter for her birthday in March, and one for Christa. They were all on clearance for 5.40. I thought that was a awesome deal!! So hows your elliptical working for ya? Burning that fat?! =P