Wednesday, June 10

Wow I've been gone awhile lol

so i am just sitting here waiting on maintenance to get here and fix or replace my dishwasher they are not late yet but they will be in 1 minute lol they were suppose to come between 8-11 and ummm no they are not here yet!!! very annoying!! i think the thing that annoys me the most is pest control is coming today also to spray for spiders and stuff and they were suppose to come between 8-11 and they are not here also yet so whats up with that crap??? but anyways i cleaned my butt off yesterday so they house looks pretty awesome, well as awesome as it can look for a house with 5 kids under 8 lol!

I took Cody and Kaylee to the dentist yesterday and i love the place i took them to!! I was so happy with the dentist and hygienist and that NEVER happens i have never really liked any of the dentists my kids have been to cause they were all rude and have crazy rules like you are not allowed to go back with your kid and i just think that's wrong!! but this guys awesome and so is his staff there i go back again tomorrow for Cheyenne and kyle while its annoying i have to go back there this soon i am okay with it since it was such a nice place!! other then that we have not been doing all that much chads out to sea for about a week give or take a day so i am sure i will be blogging again hes been home early alot so i have not really had the time to well later guys I'll be back later with new pictures ;)


Anonymous said...

so did they ever showed up?lol

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

hmm...I might have to check into taking Christa there. Whats the doc name and if you have the number and address that would be cool too. lol

Angela said...

I did get the dipes! I meant to email you and I forgot. :/ Thank you so much for the bibs too they are so cute! I would love to see pictures of how you did the elastic because I have no idea what I am doing!

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