Friday, June 12

a couple new pictures!

isn't this Elvis hair bow the coolest!!!
hehehe Kaylee is so silly!!

my attempt at a new kids picture ;)

my cute little hippy hehehe ;)

look at his pretty eyes!


mummyof5monsters said...

the hippie baby is adorable, and the beach shot is great:)

Anonymous said...

aww the kids are getting soo big..i miss everyone in fl.miss my walks to and from school and hanging out with yall waiting for the kids to get out of

Christy said...

thanks i do love the hippy baby picture and the beach one was cute also but i am gonna have to work a little harder and try to get a better shot next time!

yeah kim the kids are getting huge its crazy! and to be honest i miss everyone to and the walks to and from school when you left i quit and you michelle and jessica are gone now so its pretty crappy out here now!

marissa said...

the beach picture is so awesome