Friday, June 12

darn my kids teeth!!

well i took 4 of the kiddos to the dentist this week kk and cody went Tuesday and i LOVE their dentist but am sad to report Cody's has to get 2 caps and then 3 fillings ;( and kk needs 2 caps ;( so thats pretty uncool we brush twice a day everyday so really how does this happen??) and then on to kyle and Cheyenne kyle is not doing well either he actually has an infected tooth thats gonna have to be pulled ;( and that was one that was filled in stupid Oklahoma and all the other fillings he had in Oklahoma are bad now and will have to be redone just another reason to dislike that crappy place! but Cheyennes teeth are perfect as usual! so yeah to that but i hate that the other 3 kiddos have to get a lot of stuff done it makes me sad!!

in other news my dishwasher is finally fixed so thats some good news!!! well later guys i need to clean up a bit!

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