Tuesday, June 23

dentists dentists dentists

wow am i glad i have noting else to do this week, Monday cody had to get a baby root canal done its not really a root canal but its pretty much what it is my poor little dude, he did great thou there was one time he was in pain ;( and had to be given another shot but once that kicked in he was fine and had a heavy tongue for a long time (lol thats what he called it) but today hes doing great you would have never thought he just had some major work done yesterday!! and today kyle had to go and actually get a tooth pulled and a space maintainer put in which was pretty scary for me he did great when the dentist was done i asked kyle if he wanted to see his tooth and hes all what mom they took my tooth out already hahaha i was pretty happy about that cause i would hate for him to have been in any pain!! both boys still have to get more stuff done kyles going back on the first to get 2 of his teeth capped cause the filling are bad now and Cody's got to go back on the 15Th and get another baby root canal done ;( but at least we found an awesome dentist office one thing we never found in Oklahoma so for that i am very very grateful!!

in other news chads out to sea again ;( for about 2 weeks and that really sucks hes gonna miss the independence day fest on base they are doing it this weekend so i guess its just me and the kids going bummer on that!!

we went to the beach and chad and kyle fished on Sunday and they saw a bunch of sand sharks chad said he saw one that was pretty big really close man how scary is that, they were not even that far out we went at high tide and about an hour before sunset and it was so nice out there the water was calmer then i have ever seen it!! well i guess i need to go and get some stuff around the house done i just wanted to update the blog since its been awhile ;)


mummyof5monsters said...

ugh dentists, that smell freaks ME out! Sharks as well!

Anonymous said...

glad yall found a dentist you like and all..sucks about chad being out missing 4th of july..rob missed like the last 3 years of it finally we a 4th of july together and the base here isnt doing anything for it..grrrrrrr


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey Woman, we need to plan a day and take the kids to the beach. Its been too long and I feel like I have been too anti sociable. So let me know and I am definitely calling this doc love and getting all my girls in, cause its time for Christa's cleaning now too. Thanks I guess I really need to update my blog sometime huh. Haven't done much in 3 mths. lol I am slacking.