Monday, December 15

wow.. has it really been a week???

wow i really can't believe its been a week since my last post i guess i was a little busy reading and cleaning and everything else!! so whats been going one this past week lets see i finished all 4 of the twilight books and they were really good and it got me back into reading something i have not done in years so that's cool cause i have lots of books that i need to read!! Cody went on stage with his class at the base Christmas party they had Santa there and then some very un modestly dressed elves i was a little shocked how short there skirts were i mean you could pretty much see there butt cheeks and that's not cool! but anyways Cody did great singing his song they sung 2 songs jingle bell rock and we wish you a merry Christmas and he has been singing the we wish you a merry Christmas song over and over and over and over again since the party lol!! we also went to a Christmas party at the mosh (a kids museum) it was chads command kids party and i have to say it was pretty lame but i did like that we got to go to the museum for free that was cool! and kyle and Kaylee both won 15 dollar gift cards from walmart! we did not go to chads command adult party thou cause for one they are lame and for 2 there is no way i am gonna leave my kids with there babysitters they had at the hotel in a way i do think it would have been cool to go cause they did some great giveaways but at the same time who cares cause most the people there are not people i care to spend a Friday night with hahaha so instead me and chad stayed up and watched the new batman movie and the kids watched Mary Poppins so we had a great night ;) well i guess thats about all we did this last week and this week we will be decluttering big time cause i am feeling so cramped in this house so i am gonna be going thru clothes and toys and blankets so watch out on freecycle or if you think you may want toys or blankets let me know i am not sure what clothes i am getting rid of yet but probably women's and girls (6-7) well i am gonna go i have so much to do this place is a mess later guys!


Jolyn said...

You certainly are a busy momma, and your kids are truly beautiful!

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey chic, sounds like you really enjoyed those books. Hey you never got back with me on the church you all went to. Can you tell me the name of it and where it is please?? Were looking for one that the kids can go to their own classes, so if you can help, I would appreciate it. Well I babysat for a friends kids so that went to the command party. They said it was boring..haha, I have never been to a command adult part, but we went to Jeremy's command kids party the last couple years and they were fun for the kids. one year the kids each got a $50 gift certificate to Toys r us. Thats was so cool!!! Well you all enjoy the holidays. And yeah my girls and I have been singing and dancing to Christmas music all week. We just love this time of

Christy said...

thanks Jolyn ;)

and the church we go to is the one with the green tin roof off wonderwood we really like it there and all the kids love it Crista would go to kids rock (a kids church) with Cheyenne and kyle and then Maddi and Alexia would go to class rooms cody and kk both love it kk did not at first but she runs in now!! the times are 11 am on Sundays but since you have 3 kids i would be there at 1030 so you can get the paperwork filled out for them to go to there classes and then find there rooms we get there about 1045 so we have enough time to get the kids in there rooms and get a good seat on the end so i can leave if i have to with Caleb so who's the friend that wants to go with you?