Wednesday, December 3

its been awhile...

sorry i have not been writing much but i have been reading a new seres of books well i just finished the 1st one today and the next 3 will not be here till Friday which is good cause the 3 days it took me to read it i did pretty much noting!!! so today i have lots and lots to do!! here's my list for the day wish me luck cause i am gonna need it lol!!

  • dishes done!
  • laundry x's 5 (wow huh) done 12/4
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • kitchen counters and stove done
  • have kids clean there room after homework
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs
  • tidy up Florida room
  • have Cheyenne bring free-cycle clothes to our neighbor and box up clothes to mail done!!
  • make my bed
  • clean both my dressers
  • clean my desk
  • dinner by 6 done chad cooked ;)
  • go to the store and get wic stuff
  • if chads home in time go order kyle some new glasses
  • make some yogurt (maybe)


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

I hear ya, feel like I need to do alot also. But I have no excuse like reading a book, just being lazy or tired of cleaning the same old stuff..LOL

Michelle said...

what book?

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

We are friends, but lately no one wants to do anything or get out. I wasn't talking about you Just friends I thought I had, that just use pisses me off. Thanks again for the sewing machine...I was mainly talking about my neighbors. Wish we lived over by you, or you lived over here. It would be alot easier on you with your kids in school, huh!!

Christy said...

I'm reading the twilight books

Christy said...

i know what you mean jeni thats just the way it goes around this base!! and it would be cool if i lived over by you cause i like that area better and if they keep the school open that makes it even better over there!! did you go to the meeting?