Friday, December 5

being lazy!

so i really should be cleaning right now cause the time is just right Caleb is sleeping and Cody and kk are playing quietly together in the toy room but no here i am blogging and before this i was entering giveaways issues i tell you!! so i was wondering would it be totally selfish of me to go and see the movie twilight and take Caleb with me and then have chad at the same time take the 4 other kids to see a kids movie??? i mean i would love to go with him but its not a kids movie and i really want to see it!! but anyways i am gonna get off my lazy butt and get a little cleaning done cause i know once the ups man gets here with my books i will be getting noting done! later guys!

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Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

I am surfing the internet when I should be cleaning. The baby boy is sleep and the other three are playing not so quietly in their room. But here I am. I too have issues. Is their an anonymous group we can join? lol

Take care