Thursday, December 4

pretty good week!

well i did OK yesterday with my list i still have a lot to do thou cause i was kinda in a blah like mood and did not feel like doing much but today was better and i got a few things done and i am hoping tomorrow will be even better so i get more done lol! i have been getting my Christmas shopping done this week and i am happy to say i have alot done i still need to get Cheyenne and kyle some more things Cheyenne loves arts and crafts stuff and that stuff is a lot cheaper in walmart and Joann's then it is on Amazon and i need to go to Joann's tomorrow anyways cause i am gonna make these cute little advent like stocking ( yeah yeah I'm a little late) but i got the idea from Kristin's blog at i'm not super mom and they are really cute you should go check them out! other then trying to go to the store i don't really have any plans tomorrow but that's good i like to stick to the house in case Caleb gets fussy but i did win this awesome nursing cover from (which is a cute blog) but yeah she was hosting a giveaway and i won it and its really neat and i am pretty sure i could go in public and nurse Caleb and not one person would see my boobs which is pretty cool cause i;m sure about half of Jacksonville have seen them hahaha but shes got some other giveaways going right now also so you should check her blog out and try to win some ;) and lets see i also won a 100 dollar gift card to Kmart or sears (does that mean sears owns k-mart??) so yeah i am totally pumped about that one and hope it gets here soon i am not sure what i will get with that one but i am sure it will be something awesome hehehe i won it from 5 minutes for moms which by the way is hosting another 100 dollar giveaway right now!! and lets not for get i also won one of the mommy i gotta go dolls and i have to say kk is gonna be thrilled she goes nuts for that commercial!! here's a link to Amy's blog where i won it and shes got one giveaway still going thoughts from the mrs. so yeah you can say it you hate me i would hate me to if i was someone else hahahahaha


Jill said...

Did you use to live in OK? I saw your profile on my friends blog and thought you looked familar. We use to do play dates sometimes...unless I have the wrong If so then I am totally crazy!

Christy said...

yeah i did used to live in OK it took me a few minutes to remember who you were but then when i did i was like duh!! haha so i see you have had another baby!! congrats i am sure you seen i had another also lol so how have you been?