Sunday, October 26

October updates

yeah i am a little late getting this out but better late then never right ;)

so October has been an awesome month for us as a family as baby Caleb is here now and so is chad ;) so anyways on to the updates

me and chad are doing awesome he came home from a 5 mt deployment 10/6 and has been off work ever since and that's been great its so nice having help again in case you are wondering why so many days its cause first he took leave cause they just got home and then he got to take baby leave and he will not have to go back to work till the 31st so we still have a few more days ;)

Cheyenne is doing great and getting so tall and mature and she LOVES her new baby brother and has been a great help with kk ;)

kyle is also doing great hes still not getting any taller lol but man is he smart!!! and he also is in love with the new baby brother and a pretty good helper around the house when bribed lol and he loves playing football out in the yard now that chads back to play with him ;)

Cody is doing good and loves having dad back home and really loves riding in chads truck and he is still enjoying going to school everyday and he loves holding Caleb its really cute!!

kk is just the sweetest ever and has had many many changes she is now fully potty trained poo and pee its just weird it finally clicked with her and shes done awesome!! she also got her first set of shots last week and while it was sad i guess it was finally the time and she enjoyed the 2 huge suckers chad got her lol!!

and on to baby Caleb well what really can i say except that hes perfect in every single way ;) he is such a great baby and hardly ever cries hes just so sweet and cuddly ;) hes a big boy thou and eats about 23 hrs a day lol!!

well i guess that's all i have got right now I'll post a few new pictures in a little bit ;)

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