Sunday, October 5

i was tagged...

so i was tagged by the penny pinching diva to tell 7 random things about me and then to tag 7 people so lets see.....

1. i am a total germ freak i actually start freaking out when i find out someone is near me or my kids and they are sick i have actually gone as far as not being friends with people that would bring there sick kids over lol but ironically i am horrible about cleaning well for the most part anyways lol

2. if i do my to do list on my blog i get all or most of it done because i feel like someone is going to see my list and be all disappointed if its not done lol but if i have a lot to do and i do not do a list oh well cause all that will get done is the kitchen its really kinda sad but i guess good at the same time that i have someone/thing to be accountable to??

3. my grandma died when i was 18 and had just graduated high school and i lived with her so i was faced with moving in with my mom which i did not wanna do cause her husband was a jerk-off so i was probably gonna find a cheap apartment or trailer to rent but in the mean time me and Tonya my step-sister were driving around and saw the navy & army recruiting office and she was all lets go pretend we want to join hehehe and i swear the last thing i remember was him saying so do you wanna join the navy and i was all OK why not hahaha and 1 week yeah 1 week later i was in boot camp!!!!

4. i take a ton of vitamin's everyday i take 2 prenatals, 2 omega 3-6-9, 2 bee pollen, and 2 calcium and i give the kids 2 -4 (depends on what i have on hand) complete, and 2 omega 3-6-9 well i can't take cody into taking the omega ones yet but Cheyenne and kyle take them cause it makes them smarter hehe and kk just takes them cause they do ;)

5. as long as my health stays good me and chad just plan to leave our family size up to god so we may just have 5 (once i have this baby) or we may have like 10 who knows!!

6. i try so hard to eat and cook healthy for me and my family but it seems i just can't quit eating out once a week and i have tried so so hard to give up soda but it seems like my only destressing outlet and the times i have gave it up i was not a nice person to be around!!!

7. me and chad have been thru 6 5-6 mt deployments and countless weeks and months of workups leading to the stupid deployments and even after 8 years of being a navy wife i still hate it and i count the days till he gets out and we can have a real non military life!!!!

OK my 7 to tag will be

1. kim cause she has 4 boys and keeps me on track with my to do lists

2. jeni cause she has been there lots for me during this crappy deployment!!

3. michelle cause i have known her awhile now i feel sorry for her cause she still lives in Oklahoma hehe j/k

4. Chrystal cause i have just met her and would like to read her 7 things ;)

5. jennifer cause she is my friend from way way back!!

6. kristin cause she has 5 little kiddos and finds the greatest deals ever i love reading about her shopping adventures i wish i could save as much as her!!!

7. the happy housewife cause i love reading her blog there is always something on there that i enjoy!

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Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Yeah. You did it! I was hoping that everyone I tagged would do it. You are not the only germophobe. My biggest germ freak out is the bathroom, and I clean it thoroughly everyday. Maybe if I start posting my to do list on my blog, then I will be motivated to start completing everything on it. And all of the vitamins that you take. Wow! I hate swallowing pills. I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins after one bottle. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. That had to have been very hard for you to go through. I wish I could be as brave as you and leave how many kids I have up to God. I am afraid that he will tell me to multiple until my uterus falls out. LOL

Take care girl!