Thursday, October 16

Daddy's Home!!!

here's a picture of Chads ship comming back home ;)
and here's a super cute picture of kk and daddy she was so happy to see him and still will not let him go far!!
another cute one of daddy and kk
and another sadly this is all i got from homecoming cause my camera is messed up but thankfully i can just steal chads now hahahaha
and here's the hamster chad promised the kids upon his arrival home lol Cheyenne named him biff ;)


Katena said...

What a beuatiful he might have been 10 if you went full term. Daddy made it home just in time congrats and great pics we miss yall enjoy daddy and that baby love always dysclan

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Hey I love KK's dress I just might have to burrow it for Alexa when my hubby comes home. Well I gave you those other ones, so maybe you'll have another girl, so you can use