Thursday, July 26

well chad left a few days ago

well my baby left a few days ago!! its so sad hes only been gone 2 days now but i miss him so so so much and can't wait till he gets back!! ya know whats weird leading up to him leaving i did not think it was gonna be that bad i mean i knew i we would all miss him but hes in the navy that's what he does this is not our first deployment its our 3rd but its a first for Kaylee and Cody they have never been without their daddy and Cheyenne and kyle were pretty small when he left before but at least they will have school soon to help keep their minds off of it! i am sure once a few weeks go by everything will be easier to deal with and won't be as sad i will really like it when he emails me as i do not even have his email address to email him and his cell phone is dead and he lost the charger before he left so that's not cool!! but i am sure he will call me or email me soon!! well i guess that's it for today i have cooking to do we are having b-b-q chicken, white rice, mac'n'cheese, and steamed carrots yummy huh!!

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