Saturday, July 28


well i guess i get to write this again grrr!!! well today we went to a couple yard sales and we got a weed eater and a new wagon that's super cool its got 2 little seats in it that Cody and kk will look so cute siting in it!! and then we got a Mr potato head toy for Cody and as you can see he really liked it lol!! and i got kk some cute little pink PJ's and me a pampered chef top for the deep dish baker yeah!!
and guess what else chad called me yesterday so that was awesome!! we got to talk for awhile to it was great! he got to talk to Cheyenne, kyle, Cody and Kaylee to and she was so cute saying da da da da and kept trying to look at the phone it was sweet i really think i miss him more now ;( but i know he will be back soon enough just a few months we can handle it!! well i guess i should go and get the lunch ready since it is already 2:00!!
so talk to you all later ;)

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