Sunday, July 29

church today..

well today we went to church finally!! its been the first time in probley 7 or 8 Mt's, i know horrible!! we tried to go a few weeks ago to the same church when chad was still here but we got their to late and just filled out the kids card so we would have that out of the way when we went back and we did not go the next week half way cause i forgot my wallet with my id card in chads truck and he had duty so if i left base i would not be able to get back on without going and getting my id out of his truck and that would have been a lot of trouble since he was on the boat! and i did not plan to go today i was just gonna watch church on TV or listen on the computer but these 2 old Lady's came over to the house yesterday and were so nice that i just decided i had to go and i am so glad i did cause the kids had a great time even Kaylee i put her in the nursery and that was her first time being away from me except being left with my mom a few times and she did great and was playing with toys and eating crackers in fact she had so much fun she was wiped out by the time we got home as you can see in the picture hahaha!! well i better go and clean up the house a bit...

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