Wednesday, September 16

well well well look who it is...

Cheyenne (3rd grade), kyle (2nd grade) and cody (kindergarten) on the fist day of school
pretty little kaylee ;)

and my sweet little caleb!!!

its me!! I'm back lol... so anyways I've been gone for awhile but chads been off work alot and i have been playing games on facebook in my spare time and that really left me no time for blogging lol but i hope to get back on track now! chad just left for deployment today and that was a super big ole bummer we are all pretty sad about it i mean its his 3rd deployment in 3 years!!! thats crap i tell you!! but anyways chad traded his truck in and got a smaller and much cheaper truck he had a big Chevy 2500 diesel crew cab and now hes got a Toyota Tacoma single cab its actually really cute but he does not like me to call it that hahahaha its so much cheaper so we will finally have some extra money and on tax time we are just gonna pay it off and work on getting out of debt and trading that other truck was a huge step in the right direction of getting out of debt! lets see what else is new since last time i have wrote....oh yeah cody went to the dentist and this is his 3rd time going so you would think he was used to everything but he was just having a crappy day i guess and was being a butthead and whining about everything even the water going in his mouth and guess what happened he jumped and the drill hit his lip yikes huh!! its pretty rough looking like he got punched in the mouth but i don't blame the dentist at all cause cody was just in a crabby mood we all were really cause it was chads last day in all but in a couple weeks i guess we are gonna go back and try again and hopefully we will have better results with cody and he can get tooth fixed and we can be done with the dentist for awhile... hopefully!

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