Thursday, September 17

to do list for 9/17/09

well i just got home from foodlion i had to go get milk and soda yes i had to get the soda cause it keeps me sane i have tried to quit many times and have been successful but i am so grumpy and just pain mean i don't think its worth it so i have decided that since i am trying to lose weight i will just have one a day and its the 16oz bottles so i can drink some and save it so this is working well for me!! anyways i am gonna post a short to do list today and hopefully since its short i can get it done! later guys

  • clean my bedroom floor (pick up, and sweep)
  • make my bed
  • clean my desk (its BAD)
  • clean my dressers
  • clean the kids bathroom
  • have the kids clean there room
  • tidy up the living room
  • tidy up the kitchen
  • 2 loads of laundry (start to finish)
  • walk or work out at least 30 minutes
  • no reading my book till i finish this list (this will be a hard one lol)
  • dinner by 7pm bedtime for the kids by 830

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