Wednesday, July 8

WW: family picture time and the new dog....

Cheyenne and our new dog Winston kk calls him Winnie and says hes a girl and will get very angry if you tell her any different its pretty funny lol!
this one turned out pretty good, you have no idea how hard it is to get everyone looking and smiling etc etc etc we took ALOT of pictures!!

i really love this one ;)

i like this one alot also i think its so cute how kk is kissing Caleb!

and this is another one i really like!
to see more wordless Wednesday pictures go to 5 minutes for mom


Night Owl Mama said...

How wonderful a new dog fun
love the family photos they are great
you certainly have beautiful children and your hands full

How do you do it?

Angela said...

Aww, those family pictures are so cute! You look awesome!