Tuesday, July 14

I Heart Faces ~Sports/Pets~ #2

this is kyle when he was in pre school he was doing a relay race and I'm pretty sure he was the slowest runner in the world at that time lol
this is our new dog Winston the poodle he just got out of the ocean for the first time and he LOVED it!!


Beverly Lynn said...

kyle is quite cute!

Kate - k8tography said...

The photo of your gorgeous Kyle reminds me of the first every race my oldest son was in. He was 6, he was coming waaay last. He stopped, looked for us, waved and went on to the finish line with a big smile on his face. It was soooo cute!

Lovely shot!

navymomx4 said...

wow he was that little once..lol j/k where did you get the dog..hes cute..

Angela said...

Aww! At least he was happy racing. And your new dog is so cool looking!