Thursday, March 12

silly pictures...

so as you can see i added a new picture in my blog header and while its super cute i really wish i could have gotten everyone looking at me and smiling but with 5 kids that's really to much to ask for lol here's a few out takes lol oh by the way i updated my other 2 blogs if ya care to check the out ;)

my little cutie getting so big!!

finally he smiles ;)

silly Cody and kyle!

hehehe ;)

my cuties!

silly silly...

this was a pretty good one!

i love this one of Caleb but look at kk's mad face so was so over taking pictures lol

again kk was tired of the pictures hehe

silly kyle making faces!


Stephanie said...

Cute. :-)

Amy said...

Oh so sweet and silly! Looks like a fun time. Great photos!

Amy ~ The SaltyMomma

Shynea said...

They are too cute. And Caleb is getting so big. Junior is such a porker. He is almost 20 pounds now. He weighs a ton.

How have you been doing?

Michelle said...


where are your other blogs?

how did you get so many followers???

Kristin said...

How cute!