Tuesday, March 10

oh where oh where have i been...

well that seems to be a popular question lately i never realized anyone really cared lol! but to be honest i have been living life it used to be the first thing i would do in the morning was get up and turn the computer on mostly out of habit since chad was deployed and i wanted to check my email but now that hes been home 5 Mt's i felt i needed to break that habit of always being online cause for one my house has been looking like crap and i have not been being the best wife and mother and that's just not cool!! so i have been turning the computer one around noon after me and Cody and kk eat lunch and i check all the fun places i go real fast (yahoo, myspace, facebook) and then at about 1210 me and kk and Cody and Caleb walk to the park by Cody's school and play for a few minutes and then Cody goes to school and me and kk and Caleb go back to the park for a little bit and chill then after that its back home and the 3 of us put a movie on and lay in bed and kk and Caleb usually nap and i get a little cleaning done (or i nap to lol) and then its time to get Cheyenne and kyle (well Tuesdays and Thursdays Cheyenne goes to a Tudor) then its back home and then we walk to get Cody from school unless its a Tudor day for Cheyenne then we drive and pick Cheyenne up after we get Cody and after that its all really a blur cause the day goes fast theres homework and dinner and baths and chad playing football with the boys and bike rides etc etc etc so yeah basically just life ;) but i will still be updating 1-3 times a week when i get some extra time or just need a break ;) well i better go the laundry is calling my name later guys ;)

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