Monday, January 3

it been awhile again.. my bad

well lots of new things have happened since my last post the number one thing would be we moved from the crappy house we lived in!!! and we pretty much love this house lol.. it really needs new flooring and we really need to find the water heater cause its turned up really high and made our first electric bill 500 bucks and we just can afford to live here if thats going to be what it is every month i mean 500 bucks really???!! really??!!! the water heater is the only thing we think it could be cause we have all energy efficient bulbs, HE washing machine, and keep the lights off and the heater is barely ever on and this is a triple increase from the other house with the same company :(  but other then that lol this house is really neat we have a big yard the kids can safely play in and if we ever have any extra money there is a really cool looking restaurant like 2 blocks away! the church is walking distance away and the school is awesome!! so honestly the pros to this house are great!!

and lets see we had a great Christmas and thanksgiving the kids got lots of neat-o things from us and Santa :) and we even had a fireplace for him to come down this year :) thanksgiving was fun cause my mom and brother and sister came down so that was really cool!! you really miss out on having family dinners with extended family with you are a military family and live far from "home" its really cool being so close to Pensacola right now we went down there for kyles birthday and saw alot of the family i have not seen in like 10 years!!! that was awesome!!

we are thinking about going to oklahoma to see chads family for spring break in march but we are not 100% sure yet but if we go i'm sure it will be super fun, kk does not even remember ever being there and only chads mom has seen Caleb so it will be nice to show him off and let the kids ride horses and just be free for a little bit Cheyenne and kyle really miss oklahoma!

well i guess thats all i have for now I'll try to update again soon :) i find out if baby # 6 is a girl or boy on the 11th so i'm sure i will be back then to let everyone know!

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